Alejandra Loaiza-Delgado

Senior Director

Phone: 310-735-0919

Los Angeles, CA

Alejandra Loaiza Delgado is an expert valuation consultant with extensive experience in intellectual property valuation and the determination of economic damages in litigation.

Ms. Loaiza Delgado began her consulting practice in 2016.  Since then, she has consulted in over 85 engagements in the context of licensing, acquisitions, tax matters, bankruptcy, and litigation.  Ms. Loaiza Delgado provides economic consulting in many areas, including:

• Patent valuation and damages involving lost profits, profit disgorgement, and reasonable royalties.

• Trademark valuation and damages involving lost profits and reasonable royalties.

• Trade secret misappropriation involving lost profits, unjust enrichment, and reasonable royalties.

• Establishment of domestic industry in International Trade Commission (I.T.C.) litigation.

• Economic analysis of licensing, negotiation, and strategic business decisions.

Ms. Loaiza Delgado’s experience also spans a variety of industries. She works extensively in the wireless telecommunications space, assisting both licensors and licensees in assessing whether proposed royalty rates for standard-essential patents (S.E.P.s) are fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND). Ms. Loaiza-Delgado has consulted on dozens of engagements regarding the licensing of S.E.P.s for mobile devices, connected vehicles, and other Internet-of Thing verticals. 

More recently, Ms. Loaiza Delgado has also published on the topic of “Assessing the Reasonableness of 5G Headline Royalty Rates” through IAM.

Ms. Loaiza Delgado holds a variety of leadership positions in industry organizations. She currently serves as the Co-Chair for the Content Women in I.P. Committee for American Bar Association (A.B.A.), Intellectual Property Law (I.P.L.) Section.  She is also part of the Executive Board for the Women Leadership Institute at Michigan State University.

Ms. Loaiza Delgado earned a Master of Business Administrations in Analytics, Technology, and Innovation from Cleary University.  She also holds a B.A in Finance and Economics from Michigan State University, where she graduated with High Distinctions and was an Econ Scholar.

Ms. Loaiza Delgado is also the 2020 recipient of the Michigan State University Young Alumni Award for outstanding contribution and career achievements.  The award is granted to graduates who have distinguished themselves through a high level of professional accomplishment.

What clients say about Ms. Delgado:

“Thank you and your team for all your efforts and for winning your part without having to actually take the ball and head to the mound.”

Law Firm Partner, Washington D.C.