Elizabeth Kreitzer

Senior Consultant

San Diego, CA

Phone: 858-365-0040

Elizabeth Kreitzer is a Senior Consultant experienced in the areas of business, finance, and economics. She performs analysis related to strategy, valuation, economic damages, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and other areas. Prior to joining Insight Economics, Ms. Kreitzer worked as an investment banking analyst intern for a M&A advisory firm as well as interned in the finance and accounting departments of a real estate investment trust.

Ms. Kreitzer earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California, where she graduated magna cum laude.

In her free time, Ms. Kreitzer enjoys exploring new restaurants, doing yoga, and spending time at the beach with friends and family.

The following are some examples of Ms. Kreitzer’s consulting projects:

• Calculated damages including reasonable royalty and lost profits in the semiconductor industry.

• Evaluated trademark infringement, false advertising, unfair competition related to consumer products.

• Performed valuation of patents related to wireless consumer electronics and wireless infrastructure equipment.

• Evaluated patent damages including reasonable royalty related to pharmaceuticals.

• Performed valuation of services and assets associated with web platforms for the real estate and home insurance industry.