Mark Rollins

Mark Rollins, CLP


Mark Rollins is an expert at Insight Economics and has been primarily focused on financial matters pertaining to intellectual property since 2006. Mr. Rollins provides expertise in intellectual property valuation, litigation consulting, strategy, monetization, and transactional services, in a variety of contexts, including: economic damages, lost profits, profit disgorgement, reasonable royalty, antitrust, licensing, negotiation, acquisitions, divestitures, transfer pricing, tax disputes, alternative dispute resolutions, bankruptcy, and other areas.

Mr. Rollins has worked on more than 100 consulting and litigation engagements throughout his career. His experience spans a variety of industries and clients ranging from start-ups and individual inventors to Global 500 clients. He has worked extensively in the pharmaceutical industry assisting on antitrust matters and assessing fair market values of subject transactions. He also has substantial expertise in the telecommunication industry, providing advisory services related to alternative dispute resolutions, transactions, monetization strategies, assessing standard essential patents and F/RAND related issues, and quantifying damages pertaining to patent litigations. Mr. Rollins has also worked on engagements related to medical equipment, mobile devices, consumer electronics, financial services, food and beverage, interactive gaming systems, and E-commerce.

Mr. Rollins holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He is a Certified Licensing Professional and a member of the American Bar Association's Intellectual Property Section.

His project experience includes the following:

  1. Patent valuation
  2. Patent economic damages
  3. Trade secret valuation
  4. Trade secret damages
  5. Trademark valuation
  6. Trademark economic damages
  7. F/RAND analysis
  8. Fair market value
  9. Lost profits
  10. Profit disgorgement
  11. Reasonable royalty
  12. Licensing analysis
  13. Transaction analysis
  14. Strategy analysis
  15. Strategic negotiation