Valuation Services

Our approach is methodical and uniquely tailored to the needs of each client. For every engagement, we analytically assess and evaluate the potential value of the subject asset from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, including a thorough analysis of the Income, Market, and Cost Approaches, as applicable.

Income Approach

The income approach values an asset based on the present value of the future income stream the asset is expected to generate. The income approach asks the following: What would someone pay today in exchange for the potential future cash flows generated by the asset, considering the timing and risks contemplated to generate these cash flows?

Market Approach

The market approach values an asset based on the price paid for the same or a comparable asset in one or more arms-length transactions. The market approach asks the following: What is the value of the asset based on other similar market-based transactions?

Cost Approach

The cost approach values an asset based on a replacement cost assuming that the substitute asset holds the same or similar utility. The cost approach asks the following: What would it cost to re-create or acquire an asset that provides the same or similar economic benefit as the original asset?

Industry Experience

• Biotechnology

• Computer Hardware

• Consumer Electronics

• Consumer Products

• Digital Video and Imaging

• E-Commerce

• Entertainment

• Financial Services

• Food & Beverage

• Infrastructure Equipment

• Internet of Things

• Manufacturing

• Medical Device

• Pharmaceutical

• Security & Defense

• Software

• Sports

• Telecommunications

• Transportation

• Wireless