Economic Analysis

We provide economic research and analysis that clients and courts use to make economically informed decisions in high-stakes environments. 

Expert Witness Testimony

Our experts have extensive experience in providing expert witness testimony, with reports and testimony submitted in hundreds of cases in Federal and State courts. 

Regulatory Analysis

We provide economic research, reports, and valuations that our clients utilize to ensure regulatory compliance in their business practices.

About our firm

Insight was formed in 2017 to provide economic insight and expertise that courts and clients use to make economically informed decisions. Insight performs professional services for courts, companies, and individuals across the country to improve economic clarity and reasoning for the betterment of our marketplace, our institutions, and the broader society. We thrive on the following core tenets of our work: (1) excellence in analysis, (2) clarity in communication, and (3) results that agree with intuition and common sense.

Insight is committed to analysis with excellencetrustreliabilityintegrity

Our Experts

We offer Expert Witness services to clients seeking high-quality expert analysis and testimony related to Economic Damages, Intellectual Property, Antitrust and Competition, Labor Economics, Economic Harm, and other areas.

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