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Careers at Insight

Insight offers excellent career opportunities for talented individuals looking to join a highly capable consulting team. Consultants at Insight contribute to challenging, interesting, and meaningful cases that foster personal development and career growth. Insight seeks to align its business objectives with those of its team members so that all consultants can get the best out of their work and personal lives.

Our Work

Our work is performed on behalf of top-tier law firms and industry-leading clients, ranging from start-ups to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Insight’s projects range from high-stakes litigation to fair market value regulatory analysis to strategic planning and advice. Our team takes pride in producing thorough and informed work based on economic expertise that courts and clients can confidently rely on. Insight provides opportunities to build professional skills in data analysis, analytical reasoning, economic research, and effective writing – all through varied exposure to clients, projects, and industries.

Our Culture

Our non-hierarchical work environment allows consultants to work alongside and learn from highly capable team members and experts. Our practice is intellectually rewarding because our clients seek excellence in analysis on interesting economic projects, and is enjoyable because we strive to maintain a fun, collegial workplace. Core principles of Insight’s culture include high performance, effective output, strong work ethic, aligned goals, autonomy, adaptability, trusted relationships, and smiles and laughter.


Insight is seeking highly qualified consultants at all experience levels. Our team members add value through strong technical ability, clear communication, practiced critical thinking skills, and a collaborative approach. Consultants at Insight thrive on fast-paced learning and guidance from our expert team, resulting in greater responsibility and tremendous learning in applied business economics and related areas. Insight’s consultants have a bachelor’s or master’s level education in a relevant field.


Insight is seeking experts with testifying experience and business relationships to join our growing team. Experts at Insight provide project leadership help to develop our consultants and generate business for new projects. Insight offers turn-key support solutions for experts with existing client bases who are looking to strengthen their practice with top-tier colleagues, robust operations, and an experienced support staff.

Insight was created to have fun building a business with friends and colleagues to elevate ourselves professionally and enhance our lives personally.

What employees say about Insight:

“Insight provides valuable opportunities for growing professionals like me to thrive and develop well-rounded skill sets through challenging projects in different industries.  Insight also provides a team environment in which I feel supported in my learning process while having the chance to take ownership in producing quality work products.”

“Working at Insight has been some of the most intellectually stimulating work I’ve done in my career. It is a fast-paced environment with a huge opportunity for growth under the strong leadership and guidance of DeForest, Justin and Mickey. They really invest the time and energy into their team and encourage each of us to learn side-by-side with them, rather than instructing in a typical hierarchical fashion. I highly recommend Insight to anyone looking for a fun and challenging work/life experience. Go Insight!”

“In my experience, Insight balances the rigor demanded by the industry with a culture that positively fosters professional growth.  The sense of shared purpose and vision across the board is unrivaled. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more capable, yet down-to-earth team anywhere.”