Why Insight?

insight:   a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem  

Noun, ˈin-ˌsīt ,  Cambridge Dictionary

Insight Economics is a leading economic consulting firm that provides world-class economic analysis in both legal and business settings. We have extensive experience in matters involving economic damages, intellectual property, antitrust and competition, labor and employment, class actions, and much more. Our clients depend on us to provide thorough and thoughtful analysis, distill complex issues, and effectively communicate our results in courtrooms and boardrooms across the country.

We thrive because of the core values that define our work:

1. Credibility. Our experts provide testimony that is well-supported, thoughtful, credible, and persuasively communicated. We help to make complex issues understandable and intuitive to triers of fact.  Judges, juries, arbitrators, regulators, and other decision-makers across the country have relied on our testimony to support case outcomes.

“At the outset, [Party] does not challenge [Insight Expert’s] credentials, which the Court finds are substantial.”

– U.S.D.C., Central District of California

 “Just wanted you to know that the Patent Board ruled for us and specifically credited your testimony. Thanks for everything!”

– Law Firm Partner, Washington DC

2. Clarity.  We turn economic complexity into clarity. Our experts evaluate the range of possible approaches and choose the most appropriate and effective analysis for a given case. Our clients value our direct and clear synthesis of legal, factual, and economic information in addressing the issue at hand.

“The Court notes… that [defendant] has made a substantial showing that the nexus between the commercial success and the [patent] is tenuous as best…”

 U.S.D.C., District Court of New Jersey

“… They were somehow able to review countless deposition transcripts and exhibits and tens of thousands of documents/Excel spreadsheets in short order, and quickly and correctly figure out the nuances of the pharmaceutical marketplace and the economic theories in short order. It was impressive.” 

 Law firm Partner, Chicago

3. Expertise.  Our consultants have worked on hundreds of projects and have decades of collective experience across a wide variety of legal and business issues. Our breadth of experience across subject matter and depth of experience in particular cases allow courts and clients to make the most economically informed decisions possible. In other words: “Yes, we’ve done that before.

“…[Insight Expert’s] conclusions stem from his expertise in economic markets.”

U.S.D.C., Northern District of California

“DeForest McDuff and his team at Insight are without question one of the “go to” consultants I turn to when I have a critical case. “

– Law Firm Partner, Chicago

4. Excellence.  Courts and clients rely on our experts for their thoughtful, credible, and effective economic analysis. We are committed to excellence in contributing to favorable legal and competitive outcomes consistent with sound economic principles. Our analysis has enabled courts, companies, and individuals across the country to make better decisions.

“In addition, the Court found [Insight Expert’s] testimony persuasive…”

U.S.D.C., District Court of New Jersey

The parties have reached a settlement and are working out the agreement (your report must have scared them!).”

– Law Firm Partner, Silicon Valley

Contact us

If you have a case now or in the future, please contact us at Contact@InsightEconomics.com or 858-365-0300. One of our Experts would be pleased to learn more about what you are looking for. We look forward to hearing from you!

About the Company

Insight Economics was founded in 2017 on the notion that all entities and individuals benefit from economically informed analysis. From detailed statistical work and complex calculations to reasoned application of economic principles in various contexts, economic analysis adds value and clarity to decisions made by companies and courts every day. Our experts have decades of collective experience performing economic and financial analysis in the context of litigation, valuation, licensing, finance, and strategic business consulting. Our founders started the firm to bring excellence in economic and expert witness analysis to clients across the country.

See our Professionals page for more information about our team and our Careers page for more information about joining Insight Economics.