Matthew Kuhn

Operations Associate, San Diego, CA
Phone: 858-365-0680

Matthew Kuhn assists in matters pertaining to communication, project operations, marketing, office space management, and team engagement.

Mr. Kuhn performs duties in many areas that support daily firm operations, such as:

  • Conducting same-day conflict checks for potential projects;
  • Ensuring precise and up-to-date entries in project database;
  • Cultivating a positive and connected hybrid office environment;
  • Assisting in marketing and social media efforts;
  • Developing internal and external communications.

Mr. Kuhn graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Prior to joining Insight Economics, Mr. Kuhn worked in various operations roles in a wide range of industries from professional sports to hospitality and recreation. In his most recent role, Mr. Kuhn was an assistant in operations for a youth sports program where he generated reports, conducted data analysis, managed event software, and coached on the field.

Outside of work, Mr. Kuhn enjoys listening to music, attending sporting events, playing video games, and maintaining an active lifestyle.